How does pricing work?

Since we are a specialty cottage bakery each item's price can vary depending on individual need. Someone who wants a simple 10 inch cake will pay less than someone who wants a more hand crafted 10 inch cake. With that said, some bakeries will charge per serving. To keep my prices as reasonable as I can I do not do this.

I think it is important, though, for you to understand how price per serving works so that you may correctly compare my prices to other bakeries that do charge per serving. When bakeries charge per serving they aren't charging you for the amount of people you tell them you are serving. They should ask how many you are serving and how large the piece size you want (typically 1"x2" or 2"x2" pieces which are relatively small.) Then they will choose a cake size closest to how many you need to serve. Once they choose a cake size they will then take the most servings you can get out of that cake and times it by the price per serving. Example: Becky wants to have a birthday cake to feed 30 guests. She would like this to be a 2"x2" piece portion size. A 12" round would be the closest at serving 36 servings at that size. However, it can serve up to 56 people. If the price per serving is $2.50 the cake would be $140 not $75. So, if you were to compare my cake to their cake it would be $140 for theirs and approximately $66 for mine depending on how detailed the cake was.

I feel like just telling someone a flat price for a cake is much more upfront than saying what my price per serving is. I do have a base price for a cake which is to give an idea of where my cakes start at. If your wanting something done in buttercream frosting that would take no longer than 30 minutes to decorate, and is not filled and doesn't have any hand sculpting or fondant then your price will be close to if not the base price. However, if you are wanting a cake that is filled, has fondant, and hand sculpted pieces on it then you can plan on it being more than the base price. Again, I try to keep all of my prices very reasonable as I started this business to make beautiful specialty cakes affordable for everyone.

My base prices for cakes are going to change as of March 1, 2020 and I will have those updated on this website under the menu tab by February 10, 2020.

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