Owning a Cottage Bakery VS Baking at Home FAQ

What is a Cottage Bakery?

A: A Cottage Bakery is a legitimate baking business operated from inside a person's home.

How is it different from other people who just bake from home?

A: When you own a legitimate Cottage Bakery you will have to obtain multiple items.

1. Is a Safe Serve Certification. This is a class either online or in a classroom that you have to take along with pass a test to obtain certification. In this class you learn how to properly prepare food so that you do not make people sick.

2. EIN from the federal government.

3. State and local tax ID numbers.

4. Business license through the city you live in.

If someone is just baking from home they will not have these items. I would always ask your baker if they have at least a Safe Serve Certification and a business license. This will show how professionally they take their business.

I bought my last cake from "Becky's Specialties" and she charged less. Why is that?

A: My costs are comparable to other Specialty bakers in the area. If the competition is another cottage bakery they may not have a legitimate business, or they may not make specialty cakes. I try to be as reasonable as possible with my prices without undercutting other bakers, and without undervaluing my time as a baker.

Why is Wal-Mart so much cheaper?

A: My items are all home made to order. You cannot get the quality nor freshness of my baked goods from any big retailer. (Trust me I used to work for a high volume retail bakery. They purchase in bulk pre-made frozen cakes, and their frosting comes in huge tubs pre-made.) Since they buy in bulk and pay their employees minimum wage to mass produce generic cakes they will always beat my price. I don't think there's anything wrong with Wal-mart cakes as I have bought my fair share -- it just depends on what you're needing/wanting.

"Jennie's Creations" offers cheesecakes and other items, and she bakes from home. Why don't you?

A: I believe if you make everything you cannot do it 100%. I specialize in cakes, cupcakes, and decorated sugar cookies. I do on request make cake bites which are similar to cake pops. I put all time and effort into perfecting my craft to ensure you are getting a quality product. Also, cottage bakery laws dictate what I am and what I'm not allowed to sell. If someone is selling food like cheesecakes, or other items that have to be refrigerated or kept hot then they are either breaking the law or they don't have a legitimate cottage bakery. I would caution anyone buying from a non reputable source that they don't know.

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