Shopping Around? Us VS Them

Shopping around for a quality cake can be a daunting task... So, we have done some shopping around for you! When looking for a comparison bakery I looked in the same St. Louis area in which we serve. Bakeries will be called bakery A, bakery B, and Tara's Treats. (I have left out the other bakeries names so that I cannot be held liable. However, I can email you the links if you'd like to verify my information. Keeping in mind bakeries can change their prices, and prices outlined here are accurate as of 4/7/2020.)

Bakery A - Starts at $2.55 per serving with filling being an additional $11 per tier.

Bakery B- basic tiered cakes 6" $38 10" $116 12" $150 (6" top tier take home cake $35+)

Basic non tiered cakes 6" $22.50 10" $76.50 12" $112.50

cupcakes range from $2.25 each for white, $2.50 each for colored, $3 each with flowers, and $3.50-$5 each for fondant toppers. Sprinkles and the like 25 cents extra each.

Tara's Treats- Basic cakes tiered and non tiered all the same price.

6" $25 10" $45 12" $65

cupcakes- basic design $10/dozen (just colored frosting or frosting with sprinkles)

cupcakes- intricate design (flowers etc) $20/dozen

cupcakes- hand sculpted toppers (fondant etc) $30/dozen

so... for a basic 10" cake (standard birthday cake size)

A- $96.90

B- $76.50

Tara's Treats- $45

for a basic 10" 6" cake (bigger baby shower/birthday tiered cake)

A- $130.05

B- $126.75

Tara's Treats- $70

For a basic 10" 8" 6" tiered cake (smaller wedding sized tiered cake)

A- $201.45

B- $182.00

Tara's Treats- $105.00

With the other guys there are so many hidden fees such as delivery charges of $50 monday-saturday and $100 extra charge if its past 5:30pm, if they decorate it with sprinkles, or colors... etc... With us we wont nickle and dime you over each sprinkle. Delivery is included within our county, and we don't care if its 10am or 7pm we will be there no extra fee.

As always, I appreciate you all.


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