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You're engaged!! Congratulations! Now you're planning what colors you're going to have, what dress, flowers, centerpieces, what kind of cake and what baker, and the list goes on... It can be overwhelming! Luckily at Tara's Treats we try to make it as stress free as possible starting with our pricing.


We are totally upfront about our cake prices. There is no "per serving" price. If you want a 12" double layer cake it starts at $65 regardless if you want to serve 20, 40, or 54 people. The only reasons we charge anything but our base price is if you:

1. want fondant (starts at $10+)

2. handcrafted pieces (generally $5 each)

3. want intricate designs (sculpted cakes etc. $10/hour)

4. want filling (starts at $10 per tier).

***Those are all base priced for our 6" double layer cake or smaller. Anything over a 6" is extra only because it costs us extra in product.***

Therefore, you can really gauge what your cake may cost by using my pricing/serving guide before paying a save the date fee.


1. You book a save the date spot either on this website under "book online" and pay the fee.

2. Come to the cake tasting (which is included with your save the date fee) at the time you requested, and bring anything you want for inspiration. (The more you bring the better it is we will be on the same page. Don't forget about groom's cakes too!) You will get up to 4 cake/frosting flavor combinations, 1 filling, and 2 people. Each additional person is $15. Each additional flavor is $5/person. You will get an hour to an hour and a half of my undivided attention to talk about your big day and how we can make your cake perfect!

3. Sign the Wedding Cake contract, and ensure I have all details correct.

4. One week before the wedding pay your final amount via an emailed invoice, and lock in all details.

5. Pick up the cake on said date and time, or meet me at your venue at discussed time.

It's really just that easy! As always I will be with you every step of the way.

Tara Gowen

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