Quotes are very quick guesstimates on price, and they are not official prices. Getting a quote will not guarantee availability on your date, and they are free. We will need to know how many people you need to serve and your event date in order to give you a quote. Most quotes are taken directly from our "pricing/serving" tab to help you understand where the price will start at. Quotes are not consultations.  

To get a quote click "Let's Chat!" in the bottom right corner, text 636-442-2575, or email taragowen@tarastreatsllc.com


Consultations are blocks of time reserved just for you to get every detail of your treat perfect 1 on 1. They very in price, and are included in your deposit or save the date fee. The deposit or save the date fee must be paid prior to the consultation.

To book a consultation please visit the "book online" tab. 

**If you need a phone consultation please select a "deposit" that will reflect the number of guests you need to serve.

**If you need an in person consultation please select the "special occasion save the date"that reflects the number of guests you need to serve.

If you are more comfortable booking a consultation by phone please call us during business hours at 636-442-2575 and have the event date (to ensure we are available prior to paying a deposit), a couple dates and times you are available, and debit/credit card to pay the appropriate deposit fee.

Quote        VS        Consultation


*Quick guesstimate

*Done online, via text, or email

*Doesn't reserve date

*Doesn't guarantee service

*Doesn't include all details about an order

*Included with deposit

*Exact order total

*Done via phone call, text, or email whichever is most convenient for you at a time scheduled just for you.

*Reserves the date for your occasion

*Guarantees Service

*Includes all details about the order


Deposits are a way to ensure that each persons' time is respected, and that inquiries are serious. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. This is because the deposit is used to cover time taken for the consultation, sketch of the order, supplies bought, and event date/time reservation. If you have to cancel your order I must know before your final amount is due otherwise you will still be responsible for the final amount. If your final amount is not paid on time I will reach out to you the day after it's due. If payment isn't resolved by the end of that day your order will be considered canceled, and you will be responsible for the remaining balance.

Non-refundable means that under no circumstance will your deposit be refunded. So please ensure the date and time of your event when making a deposit.

Non-transferable means that your deposit cannot be transferred to a new or future order. I do allow date changes as long as they are made 2 weeks in advance, and I am still available on the new event date. I do allow order changes up to 1 week prior to event date; However, fees may apply.

Though deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable I do make exceptions in some cases. A great example of an exception I have made is during COVID-19 I did allow my clients to transfer their deposit for a new future order if the event was canceled. 

If I have to cancel I will give you two weeks notice, and a refund on your deposit. (I have only had to cancel two orders in 3 years of business due to a military related move. My husband and I are both finished with our service, and we live permanently in MO.)

If I have to cancel less than 2 weeks prior to your event I will refund you the deposit, and I will do my best to find another baker in the area to take your order. This will only happen under extreme circumstances (like an extreme family emergency, sickness that may be transferred to food, or any other scenario that will put my clients at risk. [Saftey and sanitation are my number one priorities.]) -- This has never happened in the 3 years I have been in business--

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